Jul 12, 2014

2014 EBPS Buuckyard BBQ
photo by Alan Bernheimer

Jul 10, 2014

48. post//(pink)- kari edwards
Scarlett Press

Scottish cannibals

rustic cows in Ancient Greek Odes
Frankie Knuckles
live Ancient Greek music full album (57.00)

Happy Good Friday
some Orthodox Creten jams
47. Pioneer Of Inner Space: The Life Of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Hasheesh Eater- Donald P. Dulchinos

I just rand 4.43 mi with Nike+

...but what about hacking your food?:

Lifehack: girls
Lifehack: summertime in the LBC
Lifehack: bench pressing my weight to The Last Of The Mohicans theme song
Lifehack: on Pico BLVD. I was regarded as a retard
46. Nest- Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Kelsey Street Press


I'm done making my kid's childhood magical
Is saltine crackers and ice cream a thing?

the animals are leaving Yellowstone
the girls are naked and they dance

those portraits changed the way I saw animals
45. The Pelt- Doseone
self published

Bernadette Mayer is trippin;

the coxcomb the cuckold

soft tinkling bell

disruptive innovation

Jul 1, 2014


Wednesday, July 2nd

Karaoke at Nick's Lounge | 3218 Adeline St, Berkeley

Thursday, July 3rd

8pm Speakeasy | 604 56th, Oakland
Erin Morrill
Jackie Wang
Brian Whitener
Will Alexander

Friday, July 4th

4pm The Long Haul | 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Leigh Phillips
Stephen Boyer
Brenda Iijima
Jesus Lasso
Rodney Koeneke

8pm Woolsey Heights | 1628 Woolsey St. Apt. C, Berkeley
Mat Laporte
Cathy Wagner
R. Erica Doyle
Farnoosh Fathi

Saturday, July 5th

4pm Tender Oracle | 531 22nd St, Oakland
Trish Salah
Ana Bozicevic
Jennifer Tamayo
Coda Wei (formerly known as Debbie Hu)

8pm Bay Area Public School
K Silem Mohammad
Allison Cobb
Aaron Kunin
Feliz Lucia Molina

Sunday, July 6th 

BBQ PARTY at David Buuck's house. Contact for location.

Jun 27, 2014

2 good events tonight:

Woolsey Heights presents
1628 Woolsey Street, Apartment C
Live at 851: Paige Taggart, Sophia Le Fraga, Sampson Startkweather, and Tracey Knapp

Jun 24, 2014

Kit Schluter and Elaine Kahn at Curds And Whey.

So much Hyphy.