Dec 17, 2014

my blurb for Laura's The Fugitive Notebook, just out from Couch Press

"Laura Moriarty has written a noir poem, a serial serial. The Fugitive Notebook is a poem of searching and seeing, of slippages and identity, it’s about the roles we play, and the disguises we wear, “the present invades// the past/ falls.” Like a detective working her way through the facts, Moriarty weaves a lyric narration at once deeply personal and teasingly elusive; but the clues are hiding in plain sight if you know where to look, revealing themselves discreetly as the reader proceeds through this hard boiled poem."

Dec 6, 2014

86. Fright Catalog- Joseph Mosconi
Insert Blanc Press

this is my dude, as they say.


85. Vesper Chimes- Micah Ballard
Gas Meter

"M''seur Johnny-
Here's a little suitcase of poems
that just arrived. Absolutely
LOVELY & amazing to see
you the other eve at Fenner
& Bajo's. & to be in your
building, whereabouts, etc.
Stoked to get your new book
& to hang ASAP/USOP soon.
Sending ALL MY LOVE.

sending all my LOVE back Micah. I miss the San Francisco poetry scene.
84. Jack Of Diamonds And The Queen Of Spades- Jackson Meazle
Bird & Beckett

is it bad that I want to yell stuff into Twitter every time I visit? who am I yelling at? I know exactly who I'm yelling at. techno-parnoia, "I HATE TECHNOLOGY."

not my audience clearly. don't say audience.

currently listening to Language Lessons, Third Man Records.

83. The Fugitive Notebook- Laura Moriarty
Couch Press

I stayed home and watched Black Mirror last night.

techno-paranoia, yes. commingling and complicating yes yes. Black Mirror is our gross science fiction present.

Dec 5, 2014

Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

Rodney Koekene reads tonight at Studio One with Meg Day, Malachi Black and Ed Roberson, 7:30PM Studio One Gallery 365 45th St, Oakland 94609

also tonight, Terry Riley at BAM

Terry Riley
Friday, December 5; 7:30 p.m.

Five years ago, Terry Riley played at our very first L@TE
event, and we are elated to have him return to close out the
series. Pioneer of the minimalist aesthetic, seminal influence on
the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, devotee of Hindustani
classical music as well as jazz, Riley remains one of the most
dynamic compositional voices of the twentieth and twenty-first
centuries. Don’t miss your last chance to hear his sublime music
reverberate through our vast architecture. For this concert, Terry
Riley is joined by his son, guitarist and composer Gyan Riley.
Programmed by Sarah Cahill.

Galleries will remain open until 10:30 p.m. for this special
event. A limited number of chairs will be available; please bring a
pillow to make yourself comfortable on the gallery floor, or listen
from the upper gallery balconies during the performance.

Doors 5 p.m.
L@TE: Terry Riley 7:30
Galleries open till 10:30 p.m.

Nov 29, 2014

82. Sin City: The Hard Goodbye- Frank Miller
Dark Horse Books

81. Meat Air Poems 1957-1969
Ron Loewinsohn

lot's of tender, masculine, heterosexy poems in this one, like this


Like 2 apples in the tree,
green speckled skin. Bite
into that flesh—
sharp white coldness suddenly
filling your mouth

80. The Coming Community- Giorgio Agamben, translated by Michael Hardt
University Of Minnesota Press

complete and total incomprehensible jibber jabber. though to be fair to Agamben maybe it's the translation? I was looking forward to reading this, mostly because of Robin Blaser's high praise, I ended up having to hate-read this book in two page increments for fear that I might get so frustrated I'd end up "accidentally" forgetting it on BART, and yeah I don't even use BART.