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Jan 8, 2016

Books Read 2015

1. A Band Of Misfits: Tales Of The 2010 San Francisco Giants- Andrew Baggarly
2. Sin City: A Dame To Kill- Frank Miller
3. All This Everyday- Joanne Kyger
4. Necro Files: Two Decades Of Extreme Horror- edited by Cheryl Mullenax
5. Locke And Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft- Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
6. Etruscan Reader VI- Robin Blaser, Barbara Guest, Lee Harwood
7. Locke And Key Volume 2: Head Games- Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
8. The Habits Of Highly Deceptive Media: Decoding Spin And Lies In Mainstream Media- Norman Soloman
9. Demo To Ink- Ron Silliman
10. Where Eagles Dare- Polly Duff Bresnick, Evan Kennedy, Kevin Killian, Janey Smith
11. The X-Files Season 10 Volume 1- Joe Harris, Chris Carter, Michael Walsh
12. Where Eagles Dare- The East Bay Poetry Summit Lavender Issue 2013
13. Values Chauffeur You- Andrew Levy
14. After-Cave- Michelle Detorie
15. Civil Disobediences: Poetics And Politics In Action- edited by Anne Waldman and Lisa Birman
16. Post-Avant- Daniel Zimmerman
17. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1- Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neil
18. Locke And Key Volume 3: Crown Of Shadows- Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
19. Locke And Key Volume 4: Keys To The Kingdom- Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
20. Collected Works- Lorine Niedecker, edited by Jenny Penberthy
21. San Francisco's Burning: A Ballad Opera- Helen Adam
22. To The Secret- Franck Andre Jamme, translated by Norma Cole
23. The Louder The Room The Darker The Screen- Paul Ebenkamp
24. Under That Silky Roof- Elizabeth Robinson
25. Journal Of A Novel: The East Of Eden Letters- John Steinbeck
26. Locke And Key Volume 5: Clockworks- Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
27. Temblor #9
28. Das Gedichtete (or un theme et variations poetique)- Patrick James Dunagan
29. The San Francisco Renaissance: Poetics And Community At Mid-century- Michael Davidson
30. Elderly #2
31. Sea Ranch- Winter 2012- Elaine Kahn, Elizabeth Robinson
32. In The House Un-American- Benjamin Hollander
33. The House By The Sea: A Portrait Of The Holocaust In Greece- Rebecca Camhi Fromer
34. Absurd Good News- Julien Poirier
35. I Am A Furious Little Bee- Aida Merini, translated by Carla Billitteri
36. The Invisibles Book One- Grant Morrison
37. Under The Sun- Rachel Levitsky
38. Local News- Jason Morris
39. Your Thoughts Are Real- Tinker Green
40. Demon Miso Fashion In Child- Joseph Mosconi
41. Abraham Lincoln #8
42. Dreamboat #7
43. Houdini- Joseph Mosconi
44. The X-Files Season 10 Volume 2- Joe Harris
45. What Surrealism Means To Me- Garrett Caples
46. The Straithes Of Nonvermont- Michael Slosek
47. Gates Of Fire- Steven Pressfield
48. The Invisibles: Apocalipstick- Grant Morrison
49. Way Too West- Julien Poirier
50. The Phare Of Gravelines- Eric Unger
51. The Constructivist Moment: From Material Text To Cultural Poetics- Barrett Watten
52. Acts + Encounters
53. The Invisibles: Entropy In The U.K.- Grant Morrison
54. Sex Criminals Volume 2: Two Worlds, One Cop- Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky
55. The Death-Ray- Daniel Clowes
56. Case Sensitive- Kate Greenstreet
57. Iron John: A Book About Men- Robert Bly
58. Morning Constitutional- Michael Magee
59. Earliest Worlds- Eleni Sikelianos
60. New Yipes Reader #17- edited by Armand F. Capanna, Dodie Bellamy
61. The Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution Of The United States
62. Robert Duncan: Selected Poems- Robert Duncan
63. Land- CJ Martin (Crux 1)
64. The Shirt Weapon- Brandon Downing
65. Eyewitness: From Black Mountain To White Rabbit- Carolyn Dunn interviewed by Kevin Killian
66. The Selected Letters Of Pauline Kael And Robert Duncan 1945-1946- Part 1 and Part II
67. PPL IN A Depot- Gary Sullivan
68. Saga Of The Swamp Thing Volume 1- Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Tutleben
69. Adventures Beyond The Body: How To Experience Out-Of-Body Travel- William Buhlman
70. Take The Rich Off Welfare- Mark Zepezauer, Arthur Naiman
71. Doubled Flowering: From The Notebooks Of Araki Yasusada- Araki Yasusada, translated by Josa Motokiyu, Ojiu Norinaga, Okura Kyojin
72. Women In Public- Elaine Kahn
73. Uploading Nature- Stephen Boyer
74. Cyborg Legs- Steve Orth
75. On My Way- Eileen Myles
76. Folly- Nada Gordon
77. Bats Of The Republic- Zachary Thomas Dodson
78. The Balcony- Jean Genet
79. New American Writing # 33
80. Wytches Volume 1- Scott Snyder, Jock
81. The Bedside Guide To No Tell Motel: Second Floor- edited by Reb Livingston, Molly Arden
82. Swamp Thing Volume 2: Love And Death- Alan Moore
83. When The Sick Rule The World- Dodie Bellamy
84. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art- Scott McCloud
85. Action Kylie- Kevin Killian
86. Hanging Loose #105

Jan 6, 2016

I helped translate this new anthology,

Cross-Section: An Anthology Of Contemporary Greek Poetry
edited by Jack Hirschman and Dinos Siotis

available here

The Act Of Drinking Beer

Nightboat Books In The Bay

Jared Levine reviews The Islands

Aug 19, 2015

I'm reading this Friday at City Limits Gallery (300 Jefferson Street, Oakland) with Elaine Kahn, Zoe Brezsny and James Cordas

7pm reception,
8pm reading