Apr 22, 2014

17. Neonomicon- Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows
Avatar Press

Did True Detective bite this comic book? I happened to pick Neonomicon up in the middle of watching True Detective, there is a lot of overlap between the two of them: Cosmic Horror, Cthulhu cults, Carcosa all told in a meta-Detective Noir style, that's pretty goddamn uncanny, Robert M. Chanbers (The King In Yellow) is even name checked. Neonomicon was published in 2010, a full four years before True Detective premiered on HBO, I wonder what Alan Moore thought of True Detective, had to have been biter sweet right? 
16. Journey To The Sun- Brent Cunningham

How quintessentially Brent, JTTS reads like a silent film, or Russian Futurism, a slapstick cosmological phantasmagoria that perfectly apes (Sakis?) Brent's vaudevillian poetry personality.

Apr 20, 2014

Χριστός ανέστη εκ νεκρών,
θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας,
και τοις εν τοις μνήμασι,
ζωὴν χαρισάμενος!

Christos anesti ek nekron,

thanato thanaton patisas,

ke tis en tis mnimasin,

zoin charisamenos!

Christ is risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And to those in the tombs
He has given life!

Apr 17, 2014

6 photos from the AMERARCANA release reading (The Public School, Oakland)
by Derek Fenner

Marina Lazzara
Nick Whittington
Steve Dickison
Jackson Meezle
John Sakkis
Micah Ballard
15. Bending At The Elbow- Matvei Yankelevich
Minutes Books

the locket, the locket

your palms are clammy, stick to the program

Kathleen Fraser in the 80s

like Severin walking Prague at night with a phial of poison in his pocket
14. Waifs And Strays- Micah Ballard
City Lights Books

you'll never gaze into a mirror in your dreams

the backlash is coming

we need more women in the MPAA!


Apr 14, 2014

Jenner, CA
first trip of the season, in three parts